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Bio-Medical Detection Dogs

This area of detection has proven to be a very technical and innovative discipline and extraordinary skill has been required to validate spectacular results.
In several cases it’s being done to proof a principle. Proof of Principle Research is having scientific validation with results published by medical bodies to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the results are in fact reliable. In numerous other cases trained dogs are able to assist their owner and warn them if necessary, for instance Diabetes, Narcolepsy, Addison and that body condition is at a dangerous level.
Hotsche Luik has over 20 years of experience in this specialism. Amongst other projects including research on Cancer Detection. For instance, bladder, colon, ovarian, lung, breast, prostate, skin etc.
In 2012 a very unique medical research in which she participated was published in the British medical Journal, Christmas issue, combined with a short documentary. She was the first known dog handler/trainer/ scent detection and behaviour expert in the world who trained a dog to detect a specific bacteria, Clostridium Difficile. Not only on samples but also with patients in hospitals which was a great success! This study proved that early detection to prevent outbreaks can save lives and enormous amounts of money.